Sewer Repair

pipe jointsSewer line repairs are a major home improvement project. You owe it to yourself and your home to count on the professionals at Max Plumbing to get the job done right. Underground sewer line clogs and blockages can become huge issues. Mikes Drain & Plumbing uses state of the art detection equipment to pin point your problem and minimize the impact of the repair.

Unfortunately, plumbing problems often happen at the most inconvenient time. That is why Max Plumbing is available 24 hours with fully stocked trucks and certified specialists on hand at all times. Las Vegas sewer repair can be accomplished in 2-3 business days based on length and depth of the sewer line. The basic procedure is to excavate the area of a sewer line then remove old sewer line and replace with new. Next time you need a Las Vegas sewer repair, call Max Plumbing.

Why Las Vegas Should Hire Us For Their Sewer Repair

Leaking pipes often create damage across your entire property. So, it is essential to take care of any sewer repair issues as quickly and completely as possible. Max Plumbing provide you with licensed plumbers, experienced and equipped to handle most any problem. We have a reputation and record of quality and efficiency. The professionals at Max Plumbing can always perform a full inspection and provide an estimate before beginning any project. This minimizes confusion and invasive repairs. Don’t delay, when you notice the need for Sewer Repair, Call Max Plumbing and let one of our 24 hour service techs make your problem go away.

Our Las Vegas Sewer Repair Provides These Detailed Services
Sewer Repairs
Sewer Line Repair
Drain Repair
Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair
Asbestos Testing (older than 1971)
Camera Pipe Repair
Sewer Back Up
Sewer Repair Multi-Jurisdiction